AJ Oil Addresses – Aroma Blend 500ml

Addresses – Aroma Blend 500ml
Ahla Jaw – Aroma Blend oils are the perfect element to enhance and enrich your aromatherapy experience.
Made from friendly anti-allergic ingredients with the special formulation.
This pure fragrance oil will give your friends & family an aromic experience and feel.
Oils originate from ecologically sustainable production does not contain any synthetic substances.
Effectively transforms your air purification experience.
Enriches your surrounding air with refreshing natural aroma blend.
Reduces unpleasant odours & cigarette smoke around you.
Eco Friendly.
MSDS certified.
500ml / 16.9 fl oz. – Made in United Kingdom.
Flavor: Oriental
Our Recommendation: Offices, Residential, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitals, Spas, Hotels

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