YangMing Clean


For the past 15 years, YangMing Clean has been producing extremely convinient and durable cleaning and waste management products to the hotel and leisure industry.

Performance, reliability and reputation are central to the YangMing Clean philosophy. By putting the customer first, they understand their needs and commit themselve to deliver an exceptional range of high quality cleaning solutions.

Speak to Q1 about the full range of YangMing Clean products for your hotel and leisure business.

  • zxzx
    Floor brush with metal handle
  • zxccccc
    Trash bin
  • ccccc
    Trash bin

  • Janitor cart with cover

  • Utility Cart

  • Hotel cart with door

  • Janitor cart

  • Plastic utility cart

  • Paper dispenser

  • Wringer with basket trolley 25Lx2

  • Mop bucket

  • Laundry cart

  • Caution Board